Woman Leaves Party After Enduring Insensitive Jokes About Her Being A Gymnast, Gets Slammed By Boyfriend For “Overreacting”

Friendships, according to the majority, are among life’s greatest blessings. Friends always look out for one another. Nevertheless, keep in mind that simply because you’ve known somebody your entire life doesn’t mean they deserve preferential treatment. Individuals can be incorrect, and while it might be difficult to notice at times, if someone close to you expresses discomfort, you should listen. Scroll down to know what happened in this story and how you would react to such a situation.

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Some information before I get into the conflict, I (25F) am a former professional Gymnast I retired last year and now coach other aspiring Gymnasts. Like many in my profession I had to retire at this age range due to the strain of the sport and the fact that i’m no longer my most flexible.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend (29M) for 10 months, unlike me he isn’t in the sports industry, he is a programmer. We went to a party tonight at his friend’s house and this was a good way for him to introduce me to everyone all at once though I’ve met a couple of them.

Most of them were really nice and I got along with them, but a few got grossed out when they learned of my profession and I’m sure many of you can guess the comments that followed, speculation on my flexibility, our bedroom activity etc. I was very uncomfortable at this but my Boyfriend just laughed along with them. I told them I didn’t like that kind of talk and it degraded my sport and how people always jump to that. My boyfriend told me to relax and they just meant it as a joke and it continued on until I told my boyfriend I was going home and left clearly upset.

He tried to stop me but I didn’t let him tell him that his friends could enjoy their “speculation” with me gone. It’s now nearly 1am and I’m at home upset and feeling sh**ty about the whole thing, my Boyfriend has been texting me saying I overreacted and how I embarrassed him and how I should expect those kinds of comments.

I usually have a thicker skin about this stuff. I’ve heard it all before, girls and women who are gymnasts are often sexualised by people but I was stressed about meeting his friends and making a good impression and then ambushed by this so it got under my skin more than it usually would.

I’m ignoring his texts and not replying right now as I don’t feel in a good frame of mind to not snap further. Should I have just accepted it and not stormed off? maybe tried to lead the conversation elsewhere? I feel bad for embarrassing him in front of his friends but I was embarrassed first. I wanted them to take me seriously as his girlfriend not make me the joke of sexual speculation.

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