“I Genuinely Don’t Get Your Issue”: Woman Felt ‘Betrayed’ After Her Male Roommate Kissed Her Best Friend, Netizens Call Her A Jerk.

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Around February I (23) let my coworker, Jayden (25) and his daughter Lia (6) move in. We were coworkers and friends for 3 years, and he’s always been so funny, smart and cute. We became really close friends. Unfortunately work decided they can’t afford to keep everyone and have been making cuts, and Jayden was basically forced to quit. I know he was really worried about his rent and everything and my roommate was leaving so I offered for him to stay with me and we worked out an agreement.

We decided that while he’s still looking for a job he’d deal with all the chores and errands and housework. It’s honestly been amazing having him live with me (he’s SUCH a great cook), and Lia has actually been really well behaved and sweet. He’s helped me out a lot and I really enjoy being able to spend all this time with him. He has found some part time work but nothing that pays enough for him to live alone, so we’ve mostly kept our agreement, just with me doing more and him helping pay a little.

My friends have come over quite a few times, and obviously met him. Last weekend I had a bunch of my friends stay over. I thought it went great but the next day Lia told me she saw Jayden kiss my best friend. I was really upset and Jayden and I ended up arguing about it. I told him how betrayed I felt. He tried to say it was fine, that apparently that kiss ‘wasn’t intentional’ and he didn’t say anything because they ‘didn’t know what it meant’. But it’s still wrong, I’m doing so much only for him to do this to me. I got upset and told him that he will have to leave if he just wants to take advantage of my kindness. That I don’t want to live with someone who betrays me like that. He was offended and just tried to act like it was no big deal and I was being crazy. He thinks I ‘have no right’ to say anything about his love life, even though it’s my best friend and I’m doing so much for him. Our talk didn’t really work but I did talk to my best friend, and she agreed to back off.

The last few days have been horrible and he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. I’ve tried to talk again, but he now refuses to and has been really cold, and told me that he’ll move out as soon as he can. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, it’s his own fault. I want to work this out, but he shouldn’t be going around kissing my friends. But the fighting has really upset Lia, and obviously Jayden thinks I’m an a**hole even if he’s being selfish.

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