Divorced Mom Saves Most Of The Child Support For A ‘Rainy Day’ And Wonders If It’s OK

Getting divorced is stressful, especially when there are small children involved. While everybody expects them to remain friends with their ex, this is not always the case. However, one mother is facing a one-of-a-kind child support struggle. Women frequently have to struggle for child support. In one situation, though, she believes her ex is providing too much. She shared her story below and let su know what are your thoughts on this.

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Recently my ex wanted to have a word with me because he didn’t like the fact that I made our son walk home from school. He wanted to know why I wouldn’t buy a car and offered me money to get one when I told him cars were expensive and I thought it was a waste of money. I told him no since I would rarely use it.

He then told me to take an uber home instead of making him walk. Again, I told him no and he brought up all of the other ways he thought I was making our son live cheaply. For example: I didn’t buy him new football boots or a goal when he started getting into football (he is only 4), I buy him ‘cheap’ clothes, I rarely take him to eat out and if we go to a toy shop, I only ever let him get one thing and it can’t be super expensive.

My ex wanted to know what I was using all of the money he gave to me on if I was raising our son like this, so I explained I never used most of it but kept it in a separate account for either a rainy day or for our son. Now he’s angry at me for making our son ‘live cheaply’ and essentially told me to stop saving and actually give our son the things he wants now because he had already made sure our son would be fine in the future.

Certain emergency situations will directly impact my son, hence why I said I could potentially use the money for a rainy day. Earlier in the year I had to take him abroad unexpectedly to go to his paternal great grandmother’s funeral and the excess child support meant I didn’t need to worry about how I would pay for the flights or [health crisis] related extra expenses. I also stated I would give the money to my son when he’s older. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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