‘I have three kids but live in a two-bed house so I sleep in the lounge’

As parents, we will go to any length for our children. For one mother, that means sleeping in the living room.

“Some people are getting home shamed here and I ain’t having it, so I’m just going to show you my house to make you feel a little better about yours,” the mother-of-three explained on TikTok.

She started by displaying a mound of clean clothing that hadn’t been put away, followed by another pile of clothes next to “her bed which is in her lounge.”

She was bombarded with queries about why she slept in the living room, which she addressed in another video by asking, Why is her bed in the living room? Since she has three kids and lives in a two-bedroom apartment.

She has an 18-year-old stepdaughter who has her own room, and her one-year-old and four-year-old boys share a room. Then there’s her and (partner) in the lounge. She said in the video’s description, it works for them, and she adores the location.

Many people who commented on the video complimented her for her sacrifice, with one noting that pure commitment from a loving mother who always puts her kids first.


Can't we all just except that everyone is different 👍

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She has six kids and lives in a two-bedroom home, said another.

“I always felt it was odd when we gave our room up for the kids, but since I came to tiktok, I have found out it’s not as weird as I imagined,” wrote a third.

“It’s awfully challenging because with a huge family, you need at least a three-bed council!” someone said.

“We’ve been competing for the council house for years.”

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