Richard Gere, 72, Is Happily Married To 38-Year-Old Alejandra Silva. It’s Proof That Love Knows No Boundaries.

Richard Gere, 72, married Alejandra Silva, 38, in 2018. With a 34-year age difference, theirs is one of the most successful celebrity marriages. According to Crafty Diply, their marriage exemplifies how love knows no age bounds.

Alejandra and Richard initially met when she was much younger and Richard borrowed a boat from her father for a film project. The pair began dating in 2014, while they were both going through divorce proceedings from their previous marriages.

Silva discussed the early phases of her connection. She explained a buddy presented them, and they looked at each other and felt a really deep connection. They couldn’t stop staring at each other all night, and they haven’t been separated since.

“Love stories with a tough beginning, when you have to face challenges together, may bring you closer,” she said of their relationship’s tumultuous beginning. She is sure she did have some reservations at one time. He was more persuaded than she was at first. But they knew from the beginning that they were meant to be together. 

Gere was regarded as the most modest, sensitive, kind, attentive, hilarious, and giving man by her. She also commented on Gere’s proposal, saying, this was really a private moment, just for the both of them, but what she can tell us is that he asked her to marry him in the most romantic hotel she has ever been to, in St Paul de Vence in the South of France on my birthday. She gets profound simply by recollecting it.

Richard said that he is the most joyous man in the universe. He remarked, he is married to a lovely lady who is brilliant, sensitive, devoted to helping others, fun, patient, understands how to forgive, is a terrific cook – and who makes the finest salads in the world. 

He went on to say, “Alejandra meditates, is a vegetarian, a wonderful mother, has the touch of an angel and she’s Spanish: the land of kings and queens, Cervantes and Bunuel. You can’t beat that.”

In April 2020, the couple will welcome their second child. They also have a 3-year-old son named Alexander. The pair maintains that their 34-year age difference does not interfere with their love and passion in their relationship.

Silva stated, it had to be this way in this life. He has promised her at least 20 years of happiness. She has to admit that he has a lot more energy than she does, he’s a lot more active. It’s difficult for her to keep up with him. She said of their marriage that what has connected them the most is their desire to serve other people in need, our dedication to Buddhism and the Tibetan people,” she said of their marriage.

Alejandra converted to Buddhism before they exchanged promises in a lovely ceremony at Richard’s house outside of New York City. The bride and groom came in a tuk-tuk into the property, which had been turned into an Indian-inspired dream complete with tents from Jaipur and Tibetan flags, for their wedding. Their partnership is a fantastic example of how you can discover love at any point of your life and be more joyful than you have ever been.

May they live happily ever after!!!

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