“I Made My Ex Mad By Making Friends With The Woman He Cheated On Me With”

A great story to see how women understand and support each other. (Thanks Liliana for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

In my early 20s I lived with my ex boyfriend. I was gullible and believed every word that came out of his mouth. I believed him when he said he worked late hours abs came back at 4am and made up excuses to keep me from meeting his friends and family and let him isolate me and hide me away.

Well, one day his grandmother passes away from natural causes (this is pre covid) and he was devastated so I asked if he wanted company or to be left alone to grieve. He of course wanted to go alone and so, I let him.

I got a call from someone who knew both me and my ex informing me that he did in fact take his girlfriend to the funeral but that person was not me. She had been introduced to his family, taken on date after date, and he had played dad to her one year old. My heart sunk right to my feet that day and so did hers once she found out about me.

My friend got us in contact and we talked for hours. We laughed, cried and in the end decided to dump that man and be friends. He absolutely hated it. We became extremely close after that. I took her to her 21st and drunk sat her after she got sick all over me and we took each other on a “date” and even to a concert that her family got tickets for.

To this day, I have her in my phone as “the wife” even though we are both married to wonderful men.

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