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‘I Sh*t Myself!:’ Porch Thief Attempts To Rob Marine, Gets Blown Away.

There are few things more satisfying than seeing someone swiftly get their due punishment. There’s something really fulfilling about seeing an individual who seems at ease executing an action that everybody recognizes as wrong get immediately handed a heaping serving of well-deserved vengeance.

Who better to administer such appropriate punishment than a United States Marine veteran who has had more than enough people stealing his parcels from his porch? The burglar donned a balaclava to protect his face, but socks and sandals – clearly not anticipating a chase from a homeowner. The porch pirate had no clue what was in store for him.

The security camera video begins after the robber steals the box. When a flashbang goes off, the balaclava-wearing thief is thrown off the porch. The Marine from his house screamed that he is aware the thief has been taking things!” When one discovers the burglar isn’t seriously hurt, the dialogue between the two turns amusing as the bewildered porch pirate fumbles back toward the entrance.

He sh*t himself, exclaims the thief after slipping his hand down his buttocks. He wasn’t attempting to take it, the burglar says, lifting his balaclava. He lives next door. Was that a mobile phone in that package? The Marine then recounts what has just occurred. Naw, that’s a booby trap, responds the former Marine. He is a former soldier… The Marine Corps!

Ex Marine Rigs package with Flashbang 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Posted by Tony Maseratii on Saturday, 14 May 2022

With crime on the rise in some regions of the country, individuals are devising novel methods to halt criminals in their tracks. That’s what occurred to a New Orleans guy who had his fancy automobile repeatedly broken into. Although he still has to fix his glass, he devised a barrier that kept the would-be robber at bay.

To punish criminals, the truck owner took matters into his own hands by placing a flashbang inside the vehicle. When a robber shattered his truck’s window and activated the loud, non-lethal deterrent he had installed in the center console, he had a chance to witness his idea in action. Everything was captured on surveillance video.

Man rigs flash bang in his truck to deter burglars

WILD VIDEO: This was one of the craziest videos of the year for sure! NOPD urged residents not to take matters into their own hands after this video showed a man who rigged a flash bang in his truck to deter car burglars >>

Posted by WDSU News on Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Vehicle burglaries in New Orleans increased 28% in 2022 versus the previous year, according to police data. They were up 116% in the Central Business District, where the man resides. The truck owner indicated who he believes is to blame for the increase in crime. In this circumstance, leadership has failed in more ways than one, he remarked.

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