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Ohio man takes advantage of snow & builds multi-room igloo his whole family can enjoy.

Blake Dixon has always been overly enthusiastic about snow days. In fact, while he was in middle school, he fantasized about creating a snow castle or something like.

His boyhood goal came true some years later, and he couldn’t be happier.

Dixon was able to create his largest igloo to this day after years of engineering.

The man began working on his big idea a few weeks ago, however things did not appear positive at first.

When they initially started working on it, all they had was a pile of snow, and then they were working on the interior to pull it all out, explained Blake’s buddy who assisted him in building the igloo. The top crumbled, and with Blake’s inventiveness and a little bit of tenacity, they were able to restore the dome.

Despite the difficulties, the crew was able to construct a multi-room igloo.

The “snow castle” has a complete sitting area, corridor, and second chamber.

He and his buddies worked hard to succeed, and he enjoys seeing how happy others are when they see his igloo.

The igloo can accommodate at least seven people and two children. However, when the story initially got public, it was not yet completed.

According to the man, it still required some finishing touches before it was finished.

He intended to install a fireplace and a chimney, and the staff was already hard at work on it.

Blake uploaded the final igloo on Instagram a few days ago, and it received hundreds of likes.

As he demonstrates in the video, the igloo now has a fireplace and a television, making it the ideal spot to spend a relaxing evening.

If an individual is sleepy, they can even take a nap in the additional room, which has numerous layers of blankets to keep them warm.

Dixon praised everyone who assisted him accomplish this project in his posts, and he encouraged all to follow their ambitions.

Think of a concept and make it a reality, he wrote. It’s a delight to witness a concept become a reality, to watch people smile, and to inspire the young community.

For the record, Blake Dixon recently received a master’s degree in climate change and global sustainability, and he is ready to save the planet, in his own words.

We don’t know if he’ll be successful in that quest, but for the time being, his creation has made numerous individuals happy, and it is something he should be proud of.

He’s created the ideal location to unwind.

In the video below, you can see Dixon’s igloo!

How can a home made of snow and ice be so cozy? This man is raising the bar on igloos in South Euclid. Read more here:

Posted by Fox 8 News on Thursday, 27 January 2022
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