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Kids do Christmas quartet then boy in vest steps forward and audience dissolves into laughs.

A Christmas concert took an unexpected turn when four little lads entered the stage.

The children ascended the stage with their microphones in hand to sing a Christmas song. Three wore white shirts with black slacks and a good tie, while the fourth wore a black vest.

The stage was decked out with blue and green decorations and a Christmas tree. The crowd, who had no clue what they were in for, were in for a laugh.

They were all anticipating a typical gospel hymn, similar to the ones they used to hear at church.

The youngsters walked onto the stage with huge grins on their faces. They understood what was going to occur, and they realized the audience didn’t.

The music began to play, and the crowd immediately realized that this was not going to be another quartet like the others.

The audience was about to be treated to a wonderful Christmas performance that they would not easily forget.

Even though they tried their hardest to keep up with the music, it was evident that the four lads were struggling with their voices.

The audience burst out laughing when the young child in the vest was put in the limelight.

His voice was so low in comparison to the other three males that he surprised the audience. The laughing became louder with each passing second.

The child had a few tricks under his sleeve and became more amusing by the second. He was able to entertain the audience and create a wonderful and cheerful atmosphere in the church.

The youngsters were having a great time on stage, and the audience was extremely pleased with the Christmas presentation.

They transformed a standard quartet into a hilarious performance, giving Christmas happiness in an altogether new way.

With their attractive personality and enthusiasm, this bunch of amazing kids dominated the event.

Carmen Lais’ video, which she put on YouTube, has received over 2 million views. The video was released by Lais with the caption: “Hey gang… if you have ever sung in a Gospel Quartet or just enjoyed them, this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time..”

The singing foursome pleased YouTube viewers, and many had really pleasant things to say about the performance.

Over 800 people commented on the video, applauding the kids for making them laugh.

Many of them were having a rough day, but seeing these four youngsters having fun and amusing the congregation at church undoubtedly brightened their day.

Watch the video below to watch the kids’ outstanding performance!

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