“I slept with my girlfriend’s mom. I can’t tell her because I know she’ll dump me and it’ll probably end her parents marriage”

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So let me first just say, I’m not the one in the wrong for this but I have to say it somewhere. It’s eating me alive.

2 years ago when I was 19 I met this woman while I was working as a personal trainer. She was in her 40s and looked like a 25 year old. She took an interest in me and invited me out a number of times and we had sex a few times. After one of our meetups she said it was wrong for someone of her age to be with me because I was too young and changed gyms.

My girlfriend and I have been together for just under a year. She’s amazing and I love her so much. 2 months ago I met her family for the first time and it was a shock. Like she took me to the house where I had hooked up with a woman and I felt like I was being pranked.

Before I see her mom it hits me. I have a type and they both fit that type so it makes sense, I’ve been hooking up with a single mom and I’m now with her daughter. Then her mom and dad pop out and we both almost sh%t ourselves. I met her parents, they’ve been married for 20 years, I realized I had been a married woman’s boy toy, I feel incredibly ashamed.

Later that week her mom finds my number and tells me that I can never speak of what happened. She says that my girlfriend will hate me forever because I’ll be the one who broke up her parents. So now I’m stuck keeping this secret.

She invited me to spend thanksgiving and with her family and since my family is 1000 miles away and I already told her I don’t plan on going home I don’t really have an excuse to not go. So now I’m going to have to sit there at a table and enjoy thanksgiving dinner with the woman I had an affair with, her husband, and her daughter whom I am now in love with.

What should I do? Can I even do anything? 

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