Mom Praised For Refusing To Give Neighbor Breast Milk For Her Kid.

Every ounce matters. One ounce of a mother’s precious gift of milk is enough to nourish a tiny preemie for a full day. With thousands of newborns in need of life-saving milk every week donating breastmilk is a good idea. But not all are comfortable with this idea. In this story a mother wishes to donate her breast milk. Read the story and let us know what you think about the situation.

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I’m a 29 year old female, and I am currently undergoing the process of donating my breast milk to a “milk” bank. I held a bbq to celebrate my oldest child’s birthday (6) and invited just about the whole neighborhood that had kids her age. Well as the adults started talking together, one of the main topics was about the formula shortage.

(My second child is no longer interested in breast feeding as he has been enlightened to solid fruits now). I told everyone that I was very concerned for the NICU’s/pediatric ICUs since I worked with them not too long ago. I figured that since I’m still lactating and have an abundance of breast milk left over I decided I would try and donate to them.

Well, one of my neighbors “Sally” just recently had a baby who’s about 3 months now. She started hinting at the fact that formulas are hard to come by/ so expensive to order now that she’s going through drastic measures of ordering foreign products from Asia/Europe. She said that she’s spending at least $600 a month now just to feed her baby and how she would have been so grateful if she had a third of my production. We all laughed because we thought it was a joke and then the conversation changed.

So today, I received a text from Sally asking if I could give her a few of my bags of breast milk since she’s low on formula and she couldn’t get more until the end of the week. I then told her exactly this “Hey Sally, I’m sorry but I don’t feel comfortable giving your child my breast milk as it’s the equivalent as giving your child blood and I’m still going through the process of getting it health screened”.

I thought it was a good response but she then texted back that I was a monster and a b$%^h for letting her child starve. She then told me that she would report me to the authorities for child abuse against her kid then also threatened CPS on my kids because “I obviously only cared about myself”.

I showed my husband these texts and he got very upset saying that we need to contact the authorities or a lawyer at least. I don’t want her kid to starve but I really don’t feel comfortable just handing out my breast milk, especially with all the heath cursors and such. Am I wrong? Do you think her request is reasonable?

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