“I Think I’ve Gotten Addicted To My Wife During Quarantine.”

Source: Reddit

This is the cheesiest thing ever, I am not sure where else to say it. But it’s sort of stuck inside me right now, got to get it out.

I love my wife, she’s the best person I know. Super cool, super fun, and we can be around each other endlessly (and we never get in each other’s space/each other’s way). I can be myself, do my thing, and we might pop into each other’s space for a couple of minutes for a word and cuddles/kiss, that’s it.

We both work really long hours, and so pre pandemic we’d have only limited time. Either weekend trips, or right before sleeping. That’s it.

But now, we’re together ALL DAY. It’s f**king Amazing. We don’t have to do everything together or anything, but I now have access to my favorite person of all time, pretty much whenever I want.

So now I think I’ve gotten totally addicted to being around her all the time. I don’t know wtf I’ll do when we need to leave quarantine and when we have to get back to work.

We’ve been together 10 years, through many ups and downs (though none related to us per se – just life beating us up a bit). We’ve never had this kind of endless and limitless time to be around each other because of work!

Last night I had what felt like a long and involved dream. I woke up feeling like I missed my wife. I don’t even know wtf that entails. I’m around her literally all day! She was next to me the whole night, I even woke up to pee once and snuggled up on her. And still I woke up feeling like I missed her.

If you got this far, I am sorry for probably making you vomit from the cheesiness, but I have lost my damn mind here and someone other than my wife needs to know.

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