She Didn’t Call 911 For Help But Ran To Her Neighbor For Help.

Source: Facebook

When you see things on social media. You can’t imagine what you would do in those type of situations. And with all of the nonsense going on between civilians and officers. I’m sad And glad to share this with y’all.

Last night my son was choking on a piece of candy and I couldn’t get it out. I was about to dial 911 when God said fool get up and run. Next door I went flying with my son on my arms screaming and crying fell on my neighbor porch banging screaming and crying. Well from a picture I posted y’all know my next door neighbor is a policeman. To God be the glory for that. He grabs him flips him over and did whatever he was he doing and out pops the candy. And Karter is no longer choking but now he has to make sure I’m ok because I can’t stop crying.

So can y’all please show him some Love and Thanks to officer Stricland for saving my son life. You Rock. Please Share Share Share😍😍😭😭❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙

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