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‘I Want People To Know’: Store Comes Under Fire After Employee’s Abuse Photos Go Viral.

Katelyn Cerciello, an animal lover, eagerly accepted a position at Petland in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania, but after only one month, she couldn’t watch the owner refuse vet care for sick puppies anymore, ship them back to the Hunte Corporation to be euthanized, or in general sell puppy mill puppies for thousands of dollars to the unknowing public.

The ex-employee not only resigned her job, but she also took to social media and the internet to convey her tale, penning Facebook postings and a Blogspot blog. She added images to verify her allegations in her postings and blog, and the Pennsylvania pet shop where she had worked found itself under fire, facing intense criticism as the former employee’s allegations appeared online, alleging the shop was mistreating its animals.

One could see they were unwell, Cerciello told. Puppies should be jumping and playing at 9 weeks old, yet they’d be lying on the floor. She also stated that, despite her repeated requests, the business’s owner, who was more focused on finances than the animals in his store, did nothing to assist.

She resolved to take things into her own hands at that point. She published her scathing Facebook post and blog after being stonewalled, both of which not only detailed the claimed atrocities that the animals would experience and what she observed but also provided images to allegedly back up her accusations.

She terminated her work at Petland in Robinson after just a month and let her show one why, she said on Facebook, before adding that she came home in tears more than a few times because her heart was so heavy for these terrible creatures. She is confident everything awful one could have heard about this pet shop is accurate, if not worse.

She stated that she had been recording and taking photographs of what goes on at that shop for the past month after noting that she had been active in animal husbandry and breeding for many years and had never seen a setup like Petland. She said that maybe the public will soon begin to grasp the brutality that goes on at Petland and refuse to purchase from them.

Katelyn wrote that she was really shocked by the sight of white mice in the back room, accompanying a disturbing image. “They were bloody, smelled like decaying flesh, and were horrifying to look upon.”

She detailed in another article how she uncovered the claimed “breeder” of one of the puppies running a puppy mill. She also detailed alleged maltreatment of animals during shipping to the shop, stating that it was understood that there were supposed to be 13 pups coming on the truck. Just ten of the thirteen made it to Petland. The elderly women who work at the kennel informed her that those pups were retrieved from the truck on the way as they had died.

Katelyn, who loves to hunt and fish based on her Facebook page, made it clear that she is not an extreme animal rights activist by any means but that the animal abuses at the Petland shop were so awful that the company should be shut down.

When contacted for comment, the store’s owner, Jeff Koury, informed us that Katelyn Cerciello made up the charges, including the images that accompanied them. The firm has hired a lawyer, and the management claims that the shop is in compliance with the American Kennel Club.

While the shop has denied any misconduct, numerous customers have subsequently come forward in response to Katelyn’s concerns, claiming they, too, had negative encounters with the shop and that the animals they purchased were in poor condition.

In reality, when it came to the health of the animals they got from this specific Petland, there was a lengthy list of disgruntled clients. Others spoke with reporters about it on camera.

The company and its workers reportedly got threats as a consequence of Katelyn’s public concerns, and after Katelyn’s tweets got attention, staff put a sign on the store’s front door indicating the store closed early due to “personal threats on personnel and harassment.” Some claim that they closed in order to clean up.

Katelyn Cerciello held firm despite being labeled a liar. She said that she simply wants individuals to understand what truly occurs there and what they’re spending thousands of dollars on. They are now aware, and it is up to the people to determine what they will do with their money.

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