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Reba McEntire makes a surprising confession about her son Shelby.

Reba is one of those rare musical jewels; she’s very cool and down to earth. The 67-year-old music legend grew up on a family ranch near Chockie, Oklahoma, and she is a true country girl.

She worked with the livestock or performed in a family band when she wasn’t in school. Reba’s dad and grandparents were also rodeo champions, and she enjoyed barrel racing.

Being raised in the country taught Reba many virtues that she carried with her throughout her life.

She expressed that if one tells someone one is going to be someplace at a specific time, one must show up. That’s how she was brought up.

She was already quite renowned by 1990, and she had just become a first-time mom to her son, Shelby. Despite having a celebrity for a mother, she understood she would have to be cautious in raising him.

Reba had numerous difficult choices to make while parenting Shelby, yet she remained true to her principles.

Look what God gave us 25 years ago!!! Happy Birthday Shelby!! @shelbyblackstock #bestdayever #thankyouGod #thankyounarvel #momclub

Posted by Reba McEntire on Monday, 23 February 2015

She said that when she played games or played cards, she never let Shelby win. He’d have learned nothing that way. She would constantly tell Shelby that she’ll always love him, but she wishes other people would like him. So don’t be such a jerk. Don’t be a spoilt brat.

The GRAMMY Award-winning singer and her ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock, worked hard to teach Shelby, now a racing car driver, to respect people and to understand that he was no better than his contemporaries.

McEntire has also stated that before having her child, she was a little more selfish. She tried to spend as much time as she could with him.

The country singer has also spoken out about her son’s ADHD. He could hardly get through a book when he was younger, but he now reads voraciously in his 30s.

He is always striving to develop and perform better. His father also performed an excellent job. Shelby is a God-given treasure to her. They’re almost there. Before Shelby, she was a pretty self-centered individual. But then there’s a small character she has been assigned to protect, nurture, love, and educate, so all the focus shifted away from her.

Reba is always happy for her son, and she is particularly pleased with his recent marriage to his now-wife Marissa. The couple married in Walt Disney World, and their wedding looked like something out of a storybook.

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