“I’d Be Busy That Night”: Company Higher-Ups Expect Staff To Shell Out $30 Each For The Corporate Christmas Party.

Not all employees enjoy festive corporate parties; after all, in many firms, this is done not from the bottom of their hearts, but just to ensure that corporate principles and so on are upheld. And though the parties themselves are sometimes very uninteresting, many employees openly declare that they just come to eat and drink for free… Or not. In this story a firm is planning a simultaneous Christmas and Thanksgiving celebration. The higher-ups informed the workforce that if they intend to attend the party, they must pay $30. Read the story and let us know what you think of this situation.

Source: Reddit

Good afternoon guys!! For our thanksgiving/Christmas dinner we want to get the taquero but we would need each employee who is going to participate to give $30.

The dinner would be December 6 after closing time. if you do participate you can bring one guest unless you have children that is fine. Any amount left over we are using to purchase other items such as drinks. We need money and everyone that is participating by November 25th !! Thank you ♥️

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