“My Aunt Sees The Can And Starts Screaming”: Man Sick And Tired Of Always Having To Babysit Relatives At Family Events, Solves The Problem.

Though there are many people who are excellent with children and like babysitting, not all fall into the same group. It’s a chore for some individuals, and they’d prefer not to do it all the time. It is acceptable at times but not always. In this story a man shared how he got out of babysitting his aunt’s kids. Scroll down to read the whole story and how you would deal with such a situation.

Source: Reddit

My aunt (now 40) has three kids under the age of 10. At every family gathering I (23m) become the defacto babysitter despite me not wanting to so the adults can drink. It was her birthday dinner yesterday and my mom promised me that I wouldn’t have to babysit and that the kids would be at a friends house.

The first step I take into their home is greeted by two earsplitting screams about how much the kids missed me and one toddlery jodeling. I immediately realise I might have been lied to. Normally I dont drink (huge light weight) but since this was a special occasion I had made some plans. So my aunt enters the hall to greet my mom while I reach into my backpack and walk into the living room and crack one out of two 12% Viking beers I special ordered for me and my uncle (he likes weird beer) and we start drinking. About three minutes later my aunt sees the can and starts screaming at me for drinking while watching the kids (I only hear distant screaming).

I repeat my mom’s promise and she calls me the R word when they are clearly staying here. So I reach out my hand and say 200 bucks for emergency babysitting and I wont finish this beer. She says h*** no so I chug the half litre can to the loud cheers and laughs from my dad and uncle. When I’m done I say “birth happy day mommy sister” with a burp. With my mom just looking hugely embarrassed for my aunt. My designated driver dad ends up watching them the entire night instead, I think he might schedule a vasectomy soon.

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