I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU: Johnny Depp fans thrilled as Jennifer Aniston follows actor on social media

The $100 million defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has captivated the globe, and celebrities are already taking sides. According to Radar, Jennifer Aniston followed the actor, 58, on Instagram on Thursday, May 5. However, the ‘Friends’ alum, 53, does not currently follow Heard on the app.

Many users on social media reacted to it as one person wrote on Twitter, “♥️ Jennifer Aniston follows #JohnnyDepp And do you see who she doesn’t follow?”

“This is BIG that Jennifer Aniston followed Johnny… she’s HUGE on equality, women’s rights, etc. she would NEVER follow him if she did not believe he is the victim!!” another user added

“Yeah, I’d love to see Johnny with Jennifer too. She’s one of the most beautiful, strong-minded, real, and true women out there. They would take Hollywood by storm. ❤️,” another remarked.

Although many Amber fans were not so impressed just like one person wrote, Of all the hundredths of A list Johnny Depp’s PR team begged to follow Depp on Instagram, only Jennifer Aniston & Momoa started following him. Who’s straightaway?! Let me know your slanderous attack didn’t work, without letting me know your slanderous attack didn’t work.

Aniston isn’t the only Hollywood figure who has expressed support for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor. Depp’s Instagram followers skyrocketed after he started appearing in a US court in a dispute involving Amber Heard. Salma Hayek, Zoe Saldana, and a number of other celebrities have recently begun to follow him on social media. Earlier that day, on Tuesday, May 3, Paul McCartney played ‘My Valentine,’ with the song video showing Depp playing in the background.

Depp and Heard, who wedded in 2015 and divorced in 2016, have been battling in court for the past few weeks. On May 5, Heard, 36, affirmed against her ex-husband, exposing allegations of physical abuse at his hands. In court, she testified, her head was bleeding from the torn out hair bits that were all over the floor.

She assumed this was how she would die. He’s going to murder her without even realizing it. She could only hear herself scream till she couldn’t anymore. She added she swear she heard him say he was going to murder her. she added. Following her emotional testimony, Depp and his attorneys issued a statement stating that she had been ‘giving the performance of her life’ on the stand in the Virginia courtroom.

In an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018, Heard asserted she was a victim of abuse. Despite the fact that she did not identify Depp, he alleged the article ruined his profession and sued her for defamation. Heard, on the other hand, stands by her claims and has launched a countersuit against the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor. Depp has previously stated that he did not mistreat Heard. He commented that the only person he has ever abused is himself. After a week’s hiatus, the current trial will continue on May 16.

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