I’ll Divorce My Husband If He Gains More Weight – People Say I’m ‘Mean’, But I Don’t Care.

Source: Mumsnet

A lady has created a discussion after revealing that she intends to warn her spouse that she would ‘divorce him if he acquires any more weight.’

The anonymous lady, who is thought to be British, said that she is worried he may become ‘morbidly overweight’ like her father-in-law.

She went on to say that her hubby is ‘quickly moving in that way’ since he eats fast food every day, despite the fact that she feeds him nutritious meals.

Some users stated that she seemed to have ‘problems’ with eating after admitting she will just eat in the evenings if there’s a special occasion.

Her remarks echoed a recent one in which a mother acknowledged judging parents with overweight kids.

Some individuals criticized the woman for having her own “food issues.”

Others, though, claimed that she was correct to make a statement since being “morbidly fat” is “disabling.”

Others said the woman sounded ‘mean,’ and that she was ‘shaming’ her spouse.

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