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On their 24th anniversary, 5 years after nursing her back to life, Chuck Norris professes his love for his wife.

Chuck Norris, aged 82, and his long-term wife, Gena, then 59, marked their 24th wedding anniversary on November 28, 2022!

The iconic actor celebrated the occasion by posting a photo of himself and Gena on their wedding day. Chuck hailed his wife as his closest friend and the love of his life in the post, adding that he adored her.

Happy anniversary to my best friend and the love of my life. I love you with all my heart.

Posted by Chuck Norris on Monday, 28 November 2022

Yet, the “Walker Texas Ranger” actor nearly missed the anniversary with his wife owing to a health issue she had a few years ago. Chuck tried all he could to make her better because he loved her.

During a June 2017 episode of “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson,” Gena said that five years prior, she was so unwell that she nearly died after having three MRIs in one week. She described how a little voice warned her her body was dying, and Chuck gazed at her as she walked out of the restroom, recalling in her eyes, he saw death.

At that point, the actor realized he needed to perform. The couple’s ordeal started when Gena went for three MRIs to check her rheumatoid arthritis, however the machines rather induced strange ailments, nearly killing her.

As the symptoms intensified, the star’s wife spent five or six nights in the emergency department. Gena learned that she had been poisoned by a chemical put into her before the MRI.

Chuck moved his wife to a Nevada hospital for intense treatment for the poisoning, where she gradually recovered, and then to China for alternative medicine. When asked about her clinic experience, Gena stated that she lay in that clinic bed for five months on IVs every day, and her lovely, amazing, fabulous, great husband – who she is so grateful for – lay on a couch next to her for five months.

During that period, the actor read 17 novels to his unwell wife, dropped everything, and refused to leave her side. Gena gently expressed her gratitude to her spouse for everything he done for her back then.

Chuck previously said his whole existence is centered on keeping her as good as she can. He’s had to give up his movie career, he said of his journey.

The actor and his wife filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against McKesson and other medication firms in response to the poisoning. Gena suffered from brain damage, muscular loss, and other complications, and her husband admitted that he was frightened to death.

Chuck commemorated their wedding anniversary with an Instagram post on November 28, 2020, after nursing his wife back to health. Along with a flashback photo of them on their wedding day, the actor stated that when he married his wife, he became the luckiest guy in the world, adding that he thanked God for every day they get to spend together.

He wished his lovely wife a happy anniversary and said that he couldn’t put into words how much he appreciated and loved Gena. Chuck ended his heartfelt statement by appreciating his wife for being in his life.

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