The Internet Is Ripping Apart This Gamer Dad Who ‘Forgot’ To Change Baby’s Diaper For 9 Hours And Tried To Put The Blame On The Wife.

Being a working parent is a difficult task. Balancing work and home priorities, managing many projects, getting the kids to school on time, and caring for a baby, all while attempting not to lose oneself in the process. Thankfully, parents and dads preserve their sanity by supporting one another, aiding one another, and sharing chores equitably. Usually, that is but demonstrates, this isn’t always the case. In this story after an aggravating incident in which her spouse neglected their kids for a video game, a 35-year-old lady resorted to the internet for guidance. Scroll down to see how the scenario developed, and be sure to to share your thoughts on this.

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I 35-F been busy with work (I’m a nurse) and taking care of my 6 months old baby girl and her 6 years old sister. My husband work night shifts-3 nights a week so he’s usually sleeping at home during the day.

He got himself a ps5 a month ago. He started spending time playing. He used to handle some of the house chorus now all he does is make excuses of how tired he is and how much he needs sleep.

But he’d come home from his shift and starts playing. He drinks a lot of coffee to stay concentrated and awake. Also he stopped eating properly. Keeps forgetting to do things I ask him to do. Like help fix his daughter’s toys/take turns in changing diapers etc.

I started calling my mom to come help since he’s been too busy to do simple things. He didn’t like that I asked others for help and said I didn’t have to.

That he’ll start helping again. I actually believed him and left for my 8 hour shift at the hospital and before I left I reminded him of everything he needed to do from feeding/changing diapers/cleaning our daughter’s room etc. He said “don’t worry about it” and then I left.

I called him to check on the kids and he said everything was fine. I came home in the evening and I was shocked to see our 6 months old’s bed was put in the living room.

Her stuff on the couch. While he was playing. She didn’t stop crying he said he didn’t know what was wrong. Turned out he didn’t change the diaper after I left.

She was wearing the same diaper for 9 hours. He said he forgot but he was busy playing. I immediately took care of her. I knew her rash was going to get worse after that.

My 6 year old’s hair was a mess he didn’t brush her hair. The kitchen was a mess. I was livid kept yelling at him for being neglectful and reckless and literally forgetting about his own kids over a game.

He said that I was overreacting and that it was my fault for not reminding him on the phone. I told him it was my fault for leaving the kids with someone who doesn’t even brush his teeth. He got offended and left the house minutes later.

His mom called me telling me that my husband stayes up at night to make a living for his kids and that I was pressuring him by giving him more than he could handle. I tried to explain but she kept lashing out calling me controlling and said I might be frustrated from my job that’s why “I’m taking it out on him”.

I hung up on her and had to take care of all of that mess.

Sorry for any mistakes I’m just so exhausted.

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