“I’m A Grandma But Men In Their 20s Ask Me Out Nonstop.”

Whether you’re 90, 50, or 20, keeping count of the years you’ve lived is a common practice. However, your age has little bearing on your maturity or wisdom, as well as how you feel about things and how you should act. Here in this story a grandma proves that age has no bar.

A super-fit grandmother claims she is asked out by guys half her age after spending up to eight hours a day at the gym. Andrea Sunshine, 53, from London, works out for at least three hours per day – and her dedication has paid off in the form of an exceptionally toned figure.

The single grandma-of-two expressed that she begins her workout with an hour of cardio prior to moving the weights -which she compared to a trip to “Disneyland.”

Andrea, who adheres to a rigid workout programme, said she does not engage males while working out since it disrupts her routine. Andrea is known for spending up to eight hours in the gym at a time, and her dedication has paid off, as she’s participated in physique competitions against ladies half her age.

“People refer to me as a beast,” she remarked, noting that she had been in the top five. She further stated that young men have a thing for attractive older women so she is always being approached. There are people of various ages, including those under 25, but the majority are between the ages of 30 and 35. She does not appreciate being the centre of attention.

She added that when she is in the middle of a session, she does not want to be interrupted.

It doesn’t annoy her to be known as a fitness grandmother – since she is in her best shape and inexhaustibly healthy. There is a perception that when women get older, they should devote themselves solely to caring for their homes and families. “It’s feasible to do both,” Andrea, who is Dutch and Brazilian, reasoned.

The fit grandmother said she depends on a sound eating routine that includes broccoli consistently as well as a huge load of vegetables with protein, here and there arriving at 3,500 calories. She avoids sweet foods and cooks with little salt and oil in order to maintain her slim figure.

The 53-year-old athletics coach and professional trainer not only teaches physical workouts but also promotes spiritual healing.

Forget your age if you want to live a happy life. Just keep in mind that every moment that passes won’t come again. Dare to believe in what you’re capable of, and make the most of your precious existence.

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