Mother Of Rare Twins With Down Syndrome Shows How Beautiful And Precious They Are To Shut Down Critics.

When Savannah Combs, 23, learned that she was expecting twins, she was thoroughly thrilled. Her joy skyrocketed when the doctors told her she was pregnant with identical twins. And then she learned another rarity that her twins had Down syndrome.

It was emotional news for Savannah and her husband as they recognized that some people would judge them and their babies because of their disorder.

Savannah, who is from Florida, shared her post-pregnancy journey with her daughters on TikTok where they fast gained a lot of following.

In one of her videos, Savannah said she was said to terminate her pregnancy because her babies would not make it. But then she decided to retain them and give them a fighting chance.

Savannah was 29 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to the hospital and delivered her twin daughters. The twins arrived two months before their due date, so they had to spend several weeks in the NICU before they came home.

They’re called mono di twins which mean that they had their own sacs but they shared the same placenta and they were going to be identical.

In spite of their unusual condition, Savannah said they are just like any other kid as they have feelings and they have a beating heart. Savannah understands that it may be a step behind but her twins are going to do it.

Savannah shares their adorable updates on TikTok.

She said that she is going to let them know that they’re just like us and they’re going to get there as long as they put their minds to it.

Sadly, there are still those who never miss a chance to criticize the young mother and her adorable girls. As a result, Savannah has had to answer some real insensitive users on social media.

When someone wrote to the mother that she would not want those babies and they would be straight up for adoption. But Savannah had the perfect answer, which she shared on Facebook.

She said that noble thing they weren’t born to that mother and were born to her instead. God knew that he was giving these babies to the right parents who would love them irrespective. 

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