Autistic Orphan Beaten At School As “Staff Members Stood And Watched.”

A worrying video displays the moment a disabled student was beaten by a much bigger boy at his Texas school as three school staff members apparently stood and observed the attack.

The worrying recording was being taken by a security camera in Marine Jones Middle School in Aldine. The video displays the anonymous student standing over much-smaller Sekai who happens to be just 11. Sekai is non-verbal and has autism as well as learning difficulties. The bigger boy was seen threatening and ultimately throwing blows at Sekai as he stands scared against a wall. 

The violent schoolboy looks like much older than the special-needs sixth grader Sekai. The boys seen pushing him and hit out him while is down on the floor and the 11 year old can be seen visibly shaken. When the boy tries to get up, the older student throws a punch in his face and causing Sekai to double over in pain.

The boy then throws three more punches at Sekai and at that point, he crumples to the floor in pain.

One of the paraprofessional staff who was supposed to watch over special needs students tries to stop the attack but it seems it was just a unenthusiastically attempt. The primary attacker then takes a step away from the still-downed Sekai and at which point another paraprofessional who watched the attack and did nothing. Two other staffers still look on and do not to the boy’s assistance while Sekai struggles on the floor.

The school staff let carry on the attack even when Sekai had crawled behind his legs in an obvious attempt to find protection from the boy’s assault. The unnamed boy then kicks a crawling Sekai in the head three times as the three staffers look on and does nothing.

Sekai’s intimidator then walks away from the special needs student as he lay immobile on the floor in the fatal position as staffers and students stand idle.   

Sekai’s grandmother, Veda Cavitt said that he has the abilities of a four or five year old due to his condition. She took custody of Sekai after his parents pass away. She is now protest that the school staff to be fired with immediate effect. She says she met with district officials and demanded the aides be dismissed.

However, school officials revealed the staffers were still employed by the school and an inquiry into the incident had already taken place. They said that suitable administrative action had been taken against the employees. 

But Sekai’s grandmother is not pleased with the school’s reaction. She said that those adults in that video just stood there and they didn’t effort to help her child get up off the ground they didn’t even check to see if he was hurt.

Upon viewing the video, Cavitt said she became furious over the staffers’ failure to act. She said that had she been in that same position, being a parent, mother and human being, she could not have just stand by and watch a vicious attack.

She wants the school staff to be removed as they serve no purpose being there and they cannot do their job.

Sekai is being evaluated by medical professionals to see the degree of his injuries and has missed two days of school as a result of the attack.

Cavitt held a rally outside the school along with several local activists to demand they take action against the staffers. She says she’s serving as Sekai’s advocate because he does not have the capabilities to. 

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