Stranger Speaks Out When She Hears Couple Making Fun Of A Struggling Foster Mom In Walmart.

It is quite often and pretty visible around us that people appear to think that they can say whatsoever rude thing come across into their minds without even thinking about how it might influence others. 

A woman, Lindsay Rae shared her emotional interaction at Walmart on social media. She posted it as a cautionary note stating that insensitive people rant ahead at Walmart.

She said that there’s no justification what one classless couple said to a struggling foster mom while waiting in line with her at the store. It doesn’t matter that people were anxious and the lines were lengthy but there’s just no reason for that comment.

While Lindsay was waiting in a long line for check out, she found a woman ahead of her wrangling with 5 children and they were of differing skin colour. Just then people from behind started murmuring loud things like “how many baby dads does the woman has” and “wait until the woman whips out the food stamps”. 

After Lindsay had settled down her kid, she turned and looked unconvincingly at the well-dressed couple talking total crap about the struggling mother.

Then she looked forward and found that the woman was struggling.  In fact, she doesn’t know what buttons to use for completing the transactions and she was also stressed with the food stamp card. Lindsay then went to the woman and asked whether she need assistance. Then the woman started clarifying that she is a new foster mother and it is her first time using these things. The kids came to her just 3 days ago and she is going to take care of them for a while.

Lindsay then helped the new foster mother before they both hugged each other and the foster mom walked out of the store with her children.

Once the women left, Lindsay gave a bit of counsel to the rude couple. She explained that kids were not the woman’s biological children. Then she told them that their conduct was just out of line. Then the couple without a sound left the queue and joined another.

Lindsay explained in her social media post that those children just lost their parents and those clothes were probably the only clothes they own. That woman took the kids as her own and provided them a safe and secure place.

She also explained that if those kids had been hers, there was nothing wrong with using food stamps to help feed children in need since no child in this country or any other deserves to be cold or hungry.

There are not practically enough women or people like her in this world and fortunately Lindsay is one of those people

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