‘I’m a mum-of-four and I’m left in tears having to pick between food and gas’

A mother of four is in tears after having to pick between food and gas.

Phoenix, 33, claimed she “doesn’t want to be here” after confessing she can’t afford sweets for her kids, ages four to fifteen. And she criticised the government for “playing games,” saying she would not have had children if she had known what was in store.

Phoenix, of Crystal Palace, South East London, said that there have been so many instances where she has simply broken down in tears as she had to choose between gas and food. Her kids are being denied the simple pleasures of life, such as purchasing a treat from a shop. It’s difficult to say no to your kids. It has had an impact on her emotional well-being. Adequately it’s to make one not have any desire to be here any longer.

Phoenix was diagnosed with diabetes early this year and has struggled to support her children. She is reliant on government assistance and claims that the increased cost of life has impacted everything, including her kids’s schooling.

She also stated that she went four days without gas since the cost increased from £15 to £40 per week, adding that is a lot of money to be putting on. Whether you’re on benefits or not, rising expenses influence everything in your life. Even with gas, £20 used to provide her roughly 100 miles, but now she only gets 70-80 miles and then it’s gone.

She is having a lot of health issues right now, and she has had days where she has to take her kids to school, which has caused them to be late or miss entire days. Households are experiencing rising energy costs, inflation is expected to reach 10%, and assistance benefits and earnings are lagging well behind price increases.

Boris Johnson has cautioned that the government cannot totally protect the British people from growing living costs. Phoenix, on the other hand, said she felt helpless, adding, she feels like the government isn’t assisting and she feels like they’re playing games with them.

She believes that if they had followed their promises up until now, they would not be in this predicament, yet they continually offer them false hope. To be truthful, if she had known what she knows now back then, she would have probably opted not to have kids. She feels useless, and doesn’t want them to live like this.

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