‘World’s Most Identical’ Twins Are Attempting To Have Babies At The Same Time With The Same Man

Lucy and Anna DeCinque are identical twins from Perth, Australia, who claim to be the “world’s most identical twins.” In reality, they were given the moniker when they featured on a Japanese TV show a few years ago. In a facial recognition experiment conducted by the program, each twin’s face effectively unlocked for the other.

The sisters dress similarly, talk similarly, appear similarly, and even act similarly. Unlike many siblings, these two sisters do not squabble or fight. Anna and Lucy, in fact, can’t tolerate being away for even a minute! They never want to spend a single second apart from the moment they get out of bed till they go back down to sleep. Not even their toilet habits, since they profess to shower and use the restroom together.

To make matters even more complicated, they have been attempting to become pregnant simultaneously by the same person! Anna and Lucy have been dating the same man, Ben Byrne, for over ten years. Sharing a partner may seem like a bad dream to some, but it’s wonderful for them. However, being pregnant at the same time isn’t entirely in their control. Let us now look at their narrative.

Anna and Lucy’s reliance on one another began at an early age when they were nurtured as kids. They discovered they liked dressing the same and appearing alike, so they chose to keep it going. Their addiction to being similar, however, only developed as they grew older, and they did more and more things in an attempt to keep their identities from being separated from one another.

Anna and Lucy now go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of their bodies and clothes is similar. To make matters even more fascinating, they’ve had the same plastic surgery operations to guarantee that they maintain their same status.

When they recall how they used to have various haircuts, the twins get concerned at the prospect of being different from one another. Not only do their appearances match, but so do their lifestyles. They eat the same meals and never sleep away from one another. They often take it a step further by aiming to share more unusual behaviors, such as doing the same number of steps in a day.

The twins were so proud of their claim to fame after hearing themselves characterized as the most identical twins in the world after appearing on the Japanese TV show that they wanted to keep it forever. It’s their personal favorite slogan!

Anna and Lucy post photos of their lives on Instagram under the moniker @annalucydecinque. It’s evident that these twins are quite close, which makes their connection with the same man seem a little more logical.

Byrne is not Anna and Lucy’s first lover, however they discovered that dating other guys didn’t work for them. They said that the males would try to distance them and were perplexed as to why they desired to be identical. They agreed to start dating the same man after their previous relationships failed.

Furthermore, Byrne is a twin, so he knows their way of life better than the typical individual. They argue that their shared connection is not only ideal, but also simplifies rather than complicates their lives. But how do the three of them sleep? Obviously, in the same bed, with Byrne in the middle.

Anna and Lucy have been dating Byrne for ten years, yet their unusual relationship grew even more unusual when the twins decided they wanted him to father both of their children – at the same time! The sisters starred in the TLC show “Extreme Sisters,” which documented their attempts to conceive together, including tracking their temperature to determine when they were ovulating. They even stated that they would prefer if neither of them get pregnant rather than just one of them.

The episode also included Anna and Lucy taking pregnancy tests together, however both tests came back negative. Trying to figure out how to get pregnant at the same time is a challenge that can only be determined by nature, nonetheless, the sisters are working hard to make their goals come true.

Meanwhile, as featured in the program, Anna and Lucy both became engaged to Byrne in the middle of 2021. They said that they wouldn’t be able to lawfully marry in Australia, but they contemplated traveling to Malaysia, Indonesia, or portions of the United States to fulfill their goal.

Only time will tell if the twins became pregnant at the same time, but this is certainly a unique story!

What do you think about their way of life? If you had a twin, would you want to be this close to your sibling? Please notify us and share this news so that others know about this unique bond between the sisters.

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