‘I’m “fat” and my husband is slim – trolls say he’s sick to be attracted to me’

When Carla and Larry first joined TikTok last year, they assumed it’d be a pleasant way to share pieces of their life together. Thanks to their exercise videos and sympathetic marital caricatures, the San Diego-based pair has acquired over 354,000 followers since then.

But, like with anything else online, no measure of accomplishment is complete without a little trolling. The couple, who are expecting their first child, went popular earlier this year when they shared a video outlining how Larry has assisted Carla embrace her body.

Carla stated in a video that has over 12.8 MILLION views that she didn’t enjoy it when Larry stroked her stomach when they first started dating. Now that they’ve been married for a couple of years, the 27-year-old claims her spouse has shown her “what it is to be really loved by somebody,” which has made her “love herself.”

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Following the virality of the video, the pair said they got nasty remarks from trolls, who claimed Larry must be “sick” to find Carla appealing. To respond to the harsh remarks, the duo created a follow-up video in which they “called the doctor” about Larry’s “illness.”

Carla stated of their online stardom earlier this year that the more popular your video becomes, the more people will find something unpleasant to say about it. She is pretty comfortable using the word ‘fat’ and referring to herself as ‘fat.’ She believes there is a misunderstanding; their profile is titled ‘Carla and Larry’ for a purpose.

Because she is a human too, there are times when the remarks bother her. However, she is not going to sit and cry about it. Because she is a positive person, she tries to focus on the ladies who find value in the films they make. Each day, she receives emails and notes praising her for not being embarrassed to be herself. They feel incredible that people they don’t even know are rooting for them.

Loyal Larry prefers to let criticism wash over him, saying he simply makes sure to support his wife and make sure she’s not depressed. At the end of the day, trolls will attack anything one does.

Carla claimed her weight has always varied, so jibes about her weight are nothing new. She was always chubbier as a child before shedding a lot of weight as a teenager, and her weight changed throughout her life. She explained that when the Coronavirus struck, she acquired four stone. She had been meaning to do something about it for a long time.

Last April, on their wedding day, she experienced a watershed moment. He’s a strong man who constantly wants to lift her up. However, she is always so self-conscious that she does not want him to do it, and she recalls having their wedding photographs done on the beach.

She continued that their photographs were stunning. She desperately wanted him to lift her up, but her fears wouldn’t let him. That’s where she believes the transformation occurred. Plus-size Carla decided to use TikTok to track her weight reduction efforts in order to hold herself responsible.

Let us all remember that we all are beautiful and wonderful in our own ways. If you agree please share this story.

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