Jane Fonda Talks About Being ‘Closer To Death’ At 85

In a recent interview, actress Jane Fonda discusses how she is “near to death” at the age of 85. Fonda expressed that she is quite aware that she is getting closer to death. And that doesn’t worry her all that much.

In her words, “What disturbs me is that my body isn’t really mine! My knees aren’t mine, my hips aren’t mine, and my shoulder isn’t mine. You’re staring at someone who is solely me from here on out.”

Fonda has been as occupied as ever, most recently finishing production on the film Moving On with her close friend Lily Tomlin.

“The truth is, if you’re living and somewhat well at an older age – I mean, I’m almost 85,” she went on. “Who cares if I don’t have my old joints if I’m still living and working?” And I can’t ski, cycle, or run any longer?… You may be pretty old at 60 and really young at 85, you know. Health!” In the same interview, Fonda acknowledged quitting liquor since she didn’t like how it affected her as she got older.

Fonda and Tomlin are promoting the last season of their Netflix program “Grace & Frankie,” which premieres on Friday. Fonda remarked that they were both informed by ladies who have suffered adversity that watching ‘Grace and Frankie’ has kept their heads above water and given them hope.

Tomlin stated that working on this program further “deepened” her connection with Fonda. She explained that she had a crush on Jane for a long time, so it seemed so natural. They were offered the show. And she just realized they would do it because it was about something crucial to them, elderly women not being marginalized and being regarded as human beings, and how they’d like to be treated and considered. It simply seemed so natural. She didn’t anticipate it. They had no idea they would be on a successful show at this time in their lives.

You can see Fonda and Tomlin in action later this week when the new season of “Grace & Frankie” premieres on Netflix on Friday.

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