‘I’m mum-shamed for having sex while breastfeeding my baby’

When you have a baby in the house, there isn’t much time to be intimate with your spouse, as we’re sure all mothers would agree.

So it goes without saying that you must seize any chance that presents itself, right?

However, whereas most new parents wait until naptime or when their in-laws take their child away from them, one mother has generated a heated discussion about her and her partner’s method.

New mom Macy started a Facebook community for other parents who had kids around April 2022.

She was lately compelled to close it down after publicly discussing having sex with her spouse while breastfeeding her baby.

In a now-deleted post, one mother expressed her discomfort with having intimacy with her spouse while her infant was around.

She didn’t think it’s strange, Macy wrote. They have sex frequently next to the baby mostly n while she is breastfeeding.

They nursed on the sidelines. He’s a baby, and he has no idea what’s going on. It always comes from behind, and the baby is in front of her. 

Predictably, Macy’s reply caused heated controversy in the comments, prompting her to delete the group completely.

One person responded: “Why not just wait until you’ve finished feeding your child?

“How are you having fun when feeding your baby? Weird.”

Another, unable to understand the mother’s point of view, said, “But why?”

Meanwhile, a third person objected, saying, “Having sex when your baby is in the room, and physically having sex while your child is on you eating is f***ing odd.”

“I believe you and your partner can wait till the infant has been fed.”

This is a non-judgmental group, Macy said in a follow-up post. You will be deleted if you create a post judging others. There’s no room for drama here.

Nevertheless, her caution did not deter the avalanche of comments from other mothers, which led to Macy carrying out her threat.

She was bullied for the choices she made as a mom, she added. Bullying is not acceptable. Ever.

The group will be halted till further notice due to members not being able to manage themselves.

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