Kevin Federline Says His & Britney Spears Kids’ Are Purposely Avoiding Her

Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ ex-husband, is completely honest about why their sons have opted to keep their mother at arm’s length for the time being.

Kevin Federline is allegedly spilling the beans about his children’s relationship with their mother, Britney Spears, claiming that their boys don’t want to see her right currently… for a variety of reasons.

The singer’s ex-husband, with whom she has two sons, Jayden and Sean, gave a lengthy interview, sections of which will reportedly run on ITV this week. Nonetheless, several juicy lines appeared in the printed version of their report.

For starters, Kevin claims that their boys are purposefully avoiding Britney at the moment. He doesn’t provide a particular reason or justification in the DM’s message, but there are signs that they would want to keep their distance over a variety of issues, including Brit’s recent actions.

He claims that the lads have agreed not to visit her right now. They haven’t seen her in a few months. They decided not to attend her wedding and they went on to say that they were pleased for her and that they wished their mom the best.

One reason for why they’re keeping her at arm’s reach is that Britney’s incessant social media sharing, particularly her nudity, has brought her teenagers humiliation. KF claims he’s attempted to explain it away, yet it’s still difficult for them.

Kevin goes on to note that the conservatorship struggle has been hard overall, and he’s attempted to shelter kids from it/the limelight as much as he can… despite their persistent queries about it over the years, some of which he couldn’t address.

He also claims that Jamie Spears “saved her life” and that he’d welcome their grandpa back into his and their lives in general, despite the current turbulence between them.

Anyway, let’s get back to Britney. Kevin also stated that while the boys were seeing Britney during her conservatorship, they observed things that made him (and probably them as well) quite uneasy, but he refused to discuss them with the DM.

In light of that, as well as her recent social media outburst… he claims Sean and Jayden have made up their minds, and that choice is to remain away for the time being.

Kevin continues that they attempted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but he can tell that being in that situation can be painful at times. So he made certain that all of his children could come to him at any time and share anything. The boys all of his children know they can come to him and his wife and talk about anything.

The message, it appears, is that this kind of confidence cannot be achieved with Britney. Of course, Britney and Kevin split custody of the adolescents, although KF has them the bulk of the time.

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