More than three dozen Oklahoma inmates graduate with community college degrees

The prison system is intended to rehabilitate those who enter it and assist them emerge as productive members of society.

So it is always heartening to observe when the system works and aids in the rehabilitation of people who wish to put their previous offenses behind them!

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections employees work extremely hard to assist rehabilitate people who are condemned to prison there. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections formed a collaboration 15 years ago that has served them well throughout the years.

They collaborated with Tulsa Community College to provide their offenders with the opportunity to earn a college diploma. They claim that over 600 convicts have finished their higher education since then.

A unique graduation ceremony was recently held for the men at a particular location. Inmates at the Dick Conner Correctional Center in Hominy were honored with an official ceremony to commemorate their completion of their higher education.

More than a dozen convicts from the institution were present for the graduation ceremony.

“Please help us celebrate the Class of 2022,” the Oklahoma Department of Corrections stated on Facebook.

Today, more than 3 dozen incarcerated men at Dick Conner Correctional Center received diplomas and certificates from…

Posted by Oklahoma Department of Corrections on Thursday, 4 August 2022

It appeared to be an extremely packed evening, with many joyful and proud tears as well as large grins for photos.

Inmates donned traditional graduation crowns and blue robes. Those graduating gave heartfelt hugs with their mentors and professors.

Folks were overjoyed and grateful at the graduation ceremony and what the convicts had accomplished.

“I believe this is fantastic!” “Way to go, TCC,” one individual said.

“Think about how many thousands of hours these men put in to get their degrees. “Impressive,” wrote another.

Some criticized other institutions for not providing the same possibilities to individuals confined on their premises.

“It’s too bad that not all of the facilities provide this possibility.” “Some do not even have tech trade in them, despite their claims,” one user remarked.

Overall, the feelings were overwhelmingly good.

It is extremely amazing to watch these young guys graduate with higher education degrees. What a fantastic program!

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