‘I’m plus size and I thought my taxi driver was joking when he fat-shamed me’

A plus-size fashion blogger revealed her horror at the taxi driver’s fat-shaming of her.

UK-based Danielle Vanier replied to a discussion on TikTok asking for individuals to describe the craziest ways they’ve ever been fat shamed.

So Em and I were in a taxi the other day…an electric Volkswagen,” Danielle says towards the opening of the tape that the other day Em and she were in an electric Volkswagen.

The cabbie…

This is a very different tale; he was somewhat insane, but it was still a challenging road.

It was a lot of pressure.

This was made worse by the fact that the taxi driver would monitor the tire pressure on his tiny screen every five minutes, huff, seem irate, and occasionally cast a sidelong peek at her in the rearview mirror.

Then, she writes, “He’d huff, check the tire pressure once more, turn to face her, keep driving, check the tire pressure, keep driving.”

A woman in the background can be heard cracking up as she asks, “Is that why I have so many flat tyres you reckon?”

Since then, the video has garnered an astonishing 360,000 views, and many viewers have flocked to the comments area to relate their own experiences with fat-shaming.

@danievanier The most covert way I’ve ever been fatshamed… #fyp #foryoupage #storytime #fatshaming #viral ♬ original sound – DanielleVanier

One recounted, “Grandmother in law told me not to eat the table decoration at a family celebration.”

A second person said: “Before I could respond, my ex’s mother asked if I wanted some walking socks and added, “You probably don’t walk though do you.” Nah, I simply roll about.”

Another person said: “I was looking for a job at a loose leaf tea business and the gal told me I didn’t suit their mood since they’re a health firm – it’s just tea.”

While another wrote: “Your outfit is extremely pretty…but larger females shouldn’t wear dresses,” another said, “I had an old lady come into my workplace stating that.”

“It’s so fantastic that you can laugh about this,” added further.

At a FREAKING WEIGHT WATCHERS MEETING, a lady asked me “when I was due.”

Danielle wrote: “To all the folks responding with their own fat shaming tales; I’m so sorry.” in reply to those who revealed their own experiences on social media.

Love and respect should be extended to all, regardless of size or ability.

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