At least two dead, five injured in mass shooting in LA park

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a “tactical alert” following a shooting that left two individuals dead and at least five more wounded on Sunday in the city’s San Pedro area.

Around 3:51 pm local time, a gunshot occurred in Peck Park in San Pedro in the 560 block of N. Western Avenue.

First, EMS workers in LA said that the gunfire had wounded seven persons.

A LA Fire Department official subsequently disclosed during a news conference that two of those victims had passed away from their wounds at nearby hospitals.

According to the LAPD, its Harbor Division arrived on the location in response to 911 calls reporting a gunshot.

According to LA EMS, the shooting was allegedly heard near a car show taking place in a park next to a baseball field.

According to officials, the shooting wasn’t random and may have been the result of a quarrel between two distinct persons. They also stated they suspect there were at least two shooters and have already discovered some guns.

Authorities believe that even though the vehicle display lacked a permission, it drew a sizable crowd to the park. 500 people may have been there when the incident took place.

Despite tweeting that there are no active shooters present, the LAPD quickly issued a tactical alert for the whole city. No other details was supplied by the department.

A leisure area for San Pedro locals, Peck Park, has been designated a crime scene in its entirety.

Following the incident, paramedics transported four males and three women to local hospitals, according to a statement from the fire department.

The statement said that no additional patients were still present at the location and noted that the facts surrounding the incident were yet unknown.

20 miles or more separate Peck Park from downtown Los Angeles.

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