A Wife Who Texted Her Husband That She Was Fed Up…Got Something Special When He Returned.

Katie Spence Pugh was tired at the end of the day. And she was irritated. And she was so fed up with how many hours of work her husband, Eugene, was putting in every day on the farm.
SHE was the one who had a full-time job, cooked dinner, bathed the kids, took weekend trips without him. And when he finally came in, she texted him to let him know that she was upset. He could have easily texted back an angry message, or raised his voice to her. But he didn’t.
Katie Spence Pugh/Facebook
Instead, he came over to her, said he was sorry she was tired and felt that way, then he sat alone and ate some dinner while his young daughter told him about her day. He was hot and exhausted… and he didn’t complain. He just said he was sorry.
Then, it hit Katie. Although she wanted to see him more every day, she knew he loved doing what he was doing… that completely thankless job of farming for hours and hours and hours every single day…to keep four generations in his family of blood, sweat and tears going, and to show his children the value of hard work and discipline. Then Katie felt very thankful for that hard-working man she had married… the one who gives so much of his time, for so little pay, so many can enjoy the fruits of his labor.
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