Elderly Woman Didn’t Have Enough Money To Pay For Her Groceries. But Then Someone Snapped This Picture.

If someone was in the line in front of you at the supermarket and was a little short on cash to pay for their food, would you give that person what they needed to take care of it? While going through the checkout line at a Marsh Supermarket, an elderly woman started digging through her purse for more money after her food bill came to almost twice what she thought it would be.

Under most circumstances, the woman would probably be told to leave some of the food items behind, since she could not pay for them. But what happened next was a very pleasant surprise to all at the store who witnessed it.

Gary Clark/Facebook

The woman’s cashier, named Janell, took some money out of her own pocket and paid what was left owed on the woman’s total bill. It was truly an inspiring moment for all who were there to see it happen. And the woman who was a little short on cash probably made a friend for life.

How often do you see others doing something purely out of the kindness of their heart? Sharing this post may just be what’s needed to inspire others to do just that.

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