‘IN TEARS’: Father doesn’t think mother should be charged after 5-year-old dies in hot car

The dad of a 5-year-old Texas son who died after being left in a hot car for two to three hours on Monday does not feel the mom should face criminal charges.

Officers from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrived in the 13700 block of Blair Hill Lane in Houston, Texas, to find the 5-year-old lifeless.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the mom and her 8-year-old daughter entered the house, and the mother discovered hours later that her 5-year-old boy was not present.

Gonzalez explained that the mother discovered the five-year-old was missing and started calling to him, but he did not respond. She dashed outside and spotted the 5-year-old still strapped into his car seat.

As per the National Weather Service, temperatures in the Houston region hit 102 degrees on Monday, breaking a record. When the temperature outside is 100 degrees, the temperature inside a locked automobile may reach 143 degrees in 60 minutes.

Gary Block, the dad’s lawyer, said that Steve did not want Amanda Means, the mom, to face criminal charges.

Block added that Steve is a good man. He’s in tears and over himself, but the last thing he wants is for Amanda to be punished criminally. She’s been through enough. He understands she is their mother, regardless of what transpired, and that nothing was done on purpose. All he wishes to do right now is make sure his daughter is well so everybody can start healing.

Gonzalez further stated that the toddler is capable of unbuckling himself, but that the mom was driving a loaner automobile.

The youngster evidently possessed that capacity, but because this is a loaner, they don’t know if that was a factor, or if the infant was asleep and became disoriented due to the extreme heat. They have no idea. That will be included in the study, Gonzalez explained.

According to the story, Steve Means filed for divorce in January, but Block stated that the two just fell out of love.

There have never been any complaints that Amanda was an unsuitable mom or that there was any kind of violence, nothing like that, Block added.

As per the account, Steve was on his way to Florida when he learned what had transpired.

Block explained that Steve had to leave town on business, and he was actually landing in Florida when he got the call from Amanda. He initially mistook her for a joke or sarcastic. It took a moment for reality to set in. The unfortunate man had to get right back on an aircraft and return home. All he can think of is, “What do I do now?” This is my only son.”

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