Man’s Private Parts Get Chopped After He Tried To Rape His Niece

Warning: The narrative includes explicit abuse allegations that may be upsetting to some readers.

After becoming intoxicated, one despicable man from Brazil attempted to hurt his niece. Luckily, the girl was able to flee, and the man was severely punished by her boyfriend. The privates of a 36-year-old man were severed by his niece’s lover.

The event occurred as a result of the man’s reckless behaviour while under the influence of alcohol. The inebriated man sought to push himself on his niece and rape her. Fortunately, the girl escaped the scene. When she told her partner about the awful and terrifying occurrence, he became enrage.

The enraged man resolved to take matters into his own hands. Rather than suing the inebriated uncle, the lover punished him by slicing off his genitalia.

According to sources, the lover used a cousin to bring the uncle to a sugarcane field. The uncle was informed that they were heading to the field to neuter the pigs. When the cousin and boyfriend arrived at the field, they attacked the man. They thrashed him till he lost consciousness. When he replied back, his cousin and lover pulled his trousers and severed his genitalia. The pair then tossed it to the wild pigs.

The uncle awoke moments later and recognised what had occurred to him. The terrified guy called an ambulance and was taken to a local hospital. The facility’s doctors tried all they could to halt the bleeding. In addition, his urinary tract was rebuilt. However, they were unable to restore his missing pieces.

In regards to the procedure, surgeon Felipe Lobo commented, it looked like something out of a Dante tale. His penis and scrotum had been amputated, and his external genitalia were gone. They could only stop the bleeding, administer a blood transfusion, and clean the incision.

Doctors confirmed that the guy had been prescribed antibiotics. They also stated that he would just need to stay at the medical centre for a few more days.

Nevertheless, detectives said that they had searched for the man’s missing private parts. They decided, though, that it would have been devoured by the pigs. Regardless of the fact that the case is still under investigation, officers detained the boyfriend and cousin. However, it is uncertain if the uncle would be prosecuted with alleged rape.

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