Internet Applauds Woman For Shelling Out An Extra $40 To Take Petty Revenge On Entitled Neighbor.

Respect your neighbours, and maybe they will reciprocate. Doesn’t it sound reasonable? Real life, believe it or not, is a little more difficult than that. In this story a neighbour recently came across an entitled “man Karen” in their subterranean garage who shouted at her for parking in “his area.” Instead of disregarding his nasty behaviour, she resolved to carry out a little act of vengeance. Read the story and let us know what you think about this.

Source: Reddit

I work from home full time and rarely drive unless I’m grocery shopping or out for an appointment. In my complex, there are “non-reserved” spots and “reserved” spots in the underground garage, all of which are NOT assigned. As long as you have a “reserved” sticker on your vehicle, any of the “reserved” spots (which are all labeled “reserved”) are fair game.

I have a non-reserved sticker, because it’s $40 cheaper than the “reserved” pass. I was coming back from an appointment and turned into my neighbor’s “reserved” spot so that I could back my car into the open, “non-reserved” spot behind me. Lo and behold, male Karen in his rusty 2007 Rav4, starts honking at me for being in “his spot”, telling me that “I can’t park there” because I don’t have a “reserved” sticker. I told him I was only backing out.

I probably should’ve let it go, but his Karen-ness pissed me off so much. As I was getting on the elevator, I quickly realized he only wanted to park there because it was RIGHT NEXT to the elevator. A lightbulb went off in my head and I made my way to the rental office (it’s in the same building) and asked to upgrade my parking pass. It’s an extra $40 I’ll be shelling out but it’s worth the petty revenge.

I’m waiting for him to leave for work tomorrow so I can move my car into “his spot” and leave it there for god knows how long. There are perks to being fully remote.

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