86-year-old woman recognized as world’s longest serving flight attendant after starting her job in 1957

Maintaining a profession for even a decade is regarded as an accomplishment. Those who have worked for the same company for over 50 years, on the other hand, deserve to be recognised.

Bette Nash, on the other hand, has been flying high in her profession for over 65 years…

Bette Nash has reason to rejoice. She has been with American Airlines for more than 65 years. In 1957, the Boston native was hired as a stewardess! She has travelled hundreds of kilometres around the world every year since then.

Guinness World Records acknowledged her as the longest-serving flight attendant for her 65-year service!

One of the factors Bette has remained with the company is because the airline allowed her to select her own itinerary. And Bette has been a regular on the New York-Boston-Washington D.C. shuttle for the most of her career.

The reason she picked this path is quite touching. It’s because the route enables her to spend every night with her kid. And she has to stay at home with her son since he is handicapped and requires care, and his mom, Bette, is his main caretaker.

Bette is also popular with American Airlines passengers. Since her long employment with the airline, several frequent fliers may remember the experienced stewardess.

“I fly hundreds of thousands of miles a year, but these are always my greatest trips when Bette is on the plane,” a media passenger said.

Bette had received attention before; in fact, she has held her title. She celebrated 60 years with American Airlines in 2017, and she was the world’s longest serving hostess at the time.

Bette has already established a new record five years later. She remembers how much air travel has evolved, recalling how they used to throw out cigarettes and matches to passengers back in the day! Something we can’t even imagine today.

She also discussed the difficult beauty ideals that stewardesses had to satisfy. They had to be a specific height and weight, and if they didn’t keep their weight, the corporation would fire them!

She truly is an example to everybody who aspires to work in the aviation sector.

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