Chicago PD Officer Pins 14-Yr-Old Boy to Ground with Knee, Claims He Stole Bike

A guy claiming to be an off-duty Chicago police officer forced a 14-year-old child to the ground with his knee after blaming him of stealing his own son’s bike – and it was all recorded on tape.

The event occurred Friday inside a Starbucks in Park Ridge, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, according to the boy’s parents. They claim their son, a Puerto Rican honour student, athlete, and member of the local church, was at the coffee shop with a bunch of friends when he noticed a deserted bike on the pavement.

According to reports, the child, who was also riding his own bike, tried to move the deserted bike out of the way and that’s when the claimed off-duty police attacked.

According to the parents, the father seized the boy’s wrist, pushed him to the ground, and pinned him with his knee, blaming the 14-year-old for stealing the bike from his kid.

According to reports, the man’s son’s bike was just taken from a nearby site.

The scenario is heated in the video, with the other youngsters running to their buddy’s aid, finally dragging him away from the person.

According to a Park Ridge PD representative, the individual informed the cops who rushed to the scene that he was an off-duty Chicago Police officer. A representative from the Chicago Police Department, informed that an internal inquiry is being conducted into the issue.

**This isn’t the kind of post we wanted to share right now, during 4th of July weekend, but here we are** Nothing prepares you for this day. One minute, you’re cooking dinner… the next, you’re getting a call from your 14-year-old son, stumbling over his words through hysterical tears, saying, “Mom, please come pick me up…” You drop everything. Pray feverishly for his safety as you race to be with him. 4 police cars. Streets closed. 6 officers. At least 100 people around. And our sweet, God-fearing, Park Ridge honor student—who also happens to be a brown boy with afro hair—standing in a sea of light faces… Confused. Crying. Scared. Shocked. Completely surrounded by a mass of onlookers… starring at him, starring at me. 👉🏽 And that’s when I saw this video… Footage of my 14-year-old child—face down, wide eyed, no shoes, knee in his back, gasping for breath, arms locked—being pinned down by a white, unidentified, off-duty Chicago police officer. He was not in uniform. He was not on duty. The allegation? Theft of his son’s bike—even though my son had his own bike present. The supposed “proof”? Our son’s hands were on the bike as he was moving it out the way…. while he was in possession his own bike, right next to him (the orange bike you see in the video.) This adult did not use words—he used force; he used his hands. Grabbed our son’s wrists, body slammed him, then held him down with his knee to forcibly restrain him. Teenagers yelling… trying to pull him up to no avail; my son losing his breath, witnesses telling the man, “He’s just a kid!” ——— We’ve talked to our 3 Puerto Rican boys about this moment for years—but you can’t emotionally prepare for this happening to your own child… then it does. We can’t possibly put into words how we’re feeling—disgust, anger, frustration, outrage, fear, sadness… 💯 Regardless of the circumstances, getting PHYSICAL with a minor as an adult for any reason other than self defense is UNACCEPTABLE. Would this have been done to our son if he was white? Taller? Older? We will not let this go away quietly. Because this is bigger than our son. This is your son. Your neighbor. Your friend. What example is being set if we stand by idly without speaking up? If we allow fear & intimidation to keep us silent around the injustices happening to our own? ——— To all the boys who were there defending our son — thank you. We champion you for your bravery, our family appreciates you more than you know, and we’re truly sorry you had to experience this. ——— Change starts from within. And by speaking up against what we know is wrong. This was wrong. And our family will not stand for it. Our ask to you? SPEAK UP. Share YOUR story. Because we must shine the light in dark places. And please, share this video, spread the word, and amplify our voice so truth is heard and accountability is held. Because nothing changes if we don’t take a stand. Social media can get a bad rep, but RIGHT NOW, we have the power to use it for good in moments like this. Let’s collectively show the world that we will not tolerate behavior like this. From our hearts to yours, Nicole and Angel

Posted by Nicole Nieves on Sunday, 3 July 2022

The 14-year-old’s parents are furious, stressing out that their son was the only child of a different ethnicity in the group and want to make a formal complaint in the near future.

Park Ridge is now looking into the matter and no arrests have been made as of yet.

Source: TMZ

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