Girl Ask If She’s Wrong For Refusing To Cut Her Birthday Cake As Her Choice Wasn’t Considered.

Birthdays are a time to celebrate. It’s a fantastic day to pamper the person with the things they like for instance- a birthday dress, or a fun meal, their choice of cake. Read the story to know what happened during this girl’s birthday and let us know if it is fair for her to sacrifice on her special day.

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I (17f) had my birthday 3 days ago. The birthday party was arranged at my own place. I have two maternal cousins, let’s call them Namif (15m) and Ela (13f) who love vanilla cakes a lot (they don’t hate chocolate cakes but they always prefer vanilla over chocolate by a high margin). I have always hated vanilla cakes since childhood. I never liked the smell or the taste, none of it. And I have always preferred and loved chocolate cakes.

So obviously I wanted a chocolate cake for my birthday instead of wanting a vanilla cake which i won’t even be able to eat. The arrangement was almost done and it was time to buy the birthday cake. I told my mom that let’s go together and buy a cake. My maternal uncle (42m) then said that he will go, choose and buy the cake with Namif and told me not to go coz its really hot outside with 36° Celsius and that I will feel sick.

My mom and I both said, we will go and buy it because I wanna choose my own birthday cake. My maternal uncle then assured me that he will buy the cake according to my choice which I will love. Seeing me since childhood he knows I don’t like vanilla cakes. Again my mom reminded him not to buy vanilla cake and to buy chocolate cake instead. I also told him to buy chocolate cake.

Then after a while my maternal uncle came back with the cake. I opened the cake box with interest and curiosity and saw it was a BIG VANILLA CAKE. I looked at him with a confused face and he said, “I bought it because Namif loved it and chose the cake for you”. Then I said nothing and went to my room. My mom came after me and I told her that I will not celebrate birthday and won’t cut the cake. Hearing this my maternal uncle came and started saying, “Elders should always sacrifice for their youngers. You’re Namif’s elder sister and you can’t sacrifice just a cake for him?”.

It’s like the thousandth time I’m hearing this “u should sacrifice for your youngers” thing from him. Hearing this I got even more mad and said “ok then I should as well sacrifice cutting the cake and let him (my brother) cut the cake”. My point was , why the hell am i supposed to sacrifice at my own birthday?? Not to mention I’m celebrating my birthday after 4 years. Then i started saying how I felt and how their mentality sucks and said i won’t cut the cake. Then my maternal aunt started saying I am an AH, I am a childish and selfish person and they wont ever attend my birthday. Am I A Jerk? 

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