Woman smuggles rum and coke into hospital to give her dying dad his final drink

A poignant farewell deed for her dying father in hospital has moved people all around Australia.

Pennelope Ann videotaped herself giving her terminally sick dad one last sip of Bundaberg Rum, his favourite drink.

Her TikTok video shows her opening a can of Bundy and collecting a little bit of the liquor with a syringe.

She explains that she came prepared for the farewell. Give him a sample here.

The man’s wife then informs him that they are going to offer him one more drink.

According to Ms. Anne, they got him rum. She explained that they’ll put it in the injection and then put it in his mouth.

She then puts a tiny quantity of rum in her father’s mouth and asks him whether it tastes nice. He tries to nod, which makes the two women giggle.

‘One final drink with father before his spirit returned to the world, Until we meet again, old man. I love you,’ she said in the touching video.

@penface One last drink with dad before his spirit returned to the universe. Until we cross paths again old man. I love you. #grief #griefjourney #loss #goodbye ♬ original sound – penface

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