Intruder With Gun Breaks Into Home, Runs Into Well-Armed Dad And 10-Yr-Old Boy.

Police have released few details about what happened when a masked burglar broke into a home in eastern Iowa in the early morning hours while the owners were sleeping. The robber busted through a window and entered the basement of the residence before making his way upstairs around 2 a.m. in Monticello.

Patrick O’Brine, 30, broke into a residence on the 300 block of South Sycamore Street while wearing a mask and brandishing a handgun. Sadly for him, he had no idea the home was as well-armed as he was.

O’Brine was met by the family that lived there, a protective dad and his 10-year-old son, as he made his way through the house. Despite the intruder’s attempts, the father was as familiar with his faithful handgun as he was with his house. Police verified that the dad fired three rounds at O’Brine, hitting him twice and killing him.

The resident and his kid were both uninjured. When deputies arrived to the site, they found O’Brine had died. Jones County Attorney Kristofer Lyons stated that the inquiry was still ongoing, yet that the facts indicated that the homeowner was justified in employing lethal force.

According to court papers, Patrick O’Brine had an unusual relationship to the house. O’Brine was listed as living at the house where his deadly gunshot happened in a court file just a few months previously. He said that he had a connection with a woman who lived at the house before the dad and son bought it.

The woman in issue was named as O’Brine’s mom and applied for a protection order against him, claiming domestic violence charges. The allegations have now been sealed by a judge. The same documents reveal that the woman changed her address, despite the fact that the property records still showed her as the deed holder.

According to court records, O’Brine was battling for joint custody of the kids he shared with the wife. Investigators have not established whether this was the reason O’Brine was on the property at the time of the incident.

Cops have not released the woman’s identity because she may have been the victim of domestic abuse. The individual who shot O’Brine has also remained unidentified as he is not currently facing any criminal charges. There has been no more evidence released about the man’s workplace.

Fortunately, this dad was completely prepared to safeguard his son from harm. There’s no knowing what occurred to the individuals, particularly if Patrick O’Brine assumed his kids and previous partner were still living there.

Home invasions can happen at any moment and in any place. The greatest approach to assure our safety is to arm oneself appropriately. If we are confronted with an impending threat, we will have the best chance of protecting our home and property from any threats.

Source: KCRG

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