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Gas Station Clerk Who Blasted Suspected Armed Robber Learns His Fate: ‘I’m Not Happy I Had To Shoot Him, But I’m Not Stressing’

A gas station cashier, only named by his first name Brian, was working the graveyard shift at a Chevron service station in Avondale, Arizona, when he was confronted by an attempted robbery suspect. The would-be thief apparently entered the business on 107th Avenue and Indian School Road at 5 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, and Brian quickly realised the man had evil intentions.

The guy barged inside the Chevron petrol station with his face masked, wielding a revolver and muttering about “money” and “rob.” Although the man’s demands were practically incomprehensible due to the facial covering, Brian stated it was clear what was going on. A robbery was taking place at the Chevron petrol station.

Brian, refusing to see himself or his clients die and be buried, waited for an opening to act, and suddenly he saw it. The suspect became distracted by another individual in the store, according to authorities. When the armed robber pointed his gun at a client, the clerk knew exactly what he had to do. Brian, who claimed to have had extensive firearms training, grabbed his own pistol and fired, hitting and wounding the suspect.

Nobody was wounded owing to Brian’s quick thinking, except the suspected armed robber, who was blasted by the store clerk and brought to a hospital in severe condition. “Everybody is OK,” a Chevron station worker told referring to both employees and customers.

Brian, the Chevron gas station clerk, revealed that he feels unhappy about having to shoot somebody. He did, though, directly accuse the suspect.

Fortunately, investigators said Brian will not face charges for the shooting, however the outlet added that Joshua Black, an employment lawyer, said fellow clerks should prevent following in Brian’s footsteps, regardless of the result of the event, even though Black confesses that employers may not be liable if one is wounded during a burglary.

With no lack of robbery survivors in the headlines, as well as individuals who have rescued innocent lives by being armed, many may feel forced to dismiss the employment lawyer’s advise for the same reason he did: a job isn’t worth risking one’s life for. As many have demonstrated time and again, the greatest way to protect ones survival is to be prepared to confront lethal force with deadly force if the necessity for self-defense arises.

Carrying a gun, which has been dubbed the “great equaliser,” indicates that a little individual with a handgun has an opportunity against a much larger foe when they otherwise wouldn’t. It truly comes down to if you want to shoot or be shot. If it came down to it, I know which I’d choose, and Brian obviously did as well.

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