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Teen Voted To Homecoming Court Learns It’s A Cruel Joke — Turns Tables On Bullies.

Whitney Kropp was both surprised and delighted to be named to her high school’s homecoming court. Being elected as the female representative of the sophomore class came as a surprise to the self-described misfit with only a few friends. But, her elation swiftly changed to despair when she learned that the nomination was a nasty joke.

Whitney’s classmates voted for her sarcastically. It was like something out of a teen drama film, and it left the 16-year-old devastated. As a result of the cruel hoax, the Ogemaw Heights High School sophomore went from being overjoyed to suicidal. She was left in tears, upset.

Whitney was troubled by sadness and suicidal feelings and genuinely pondered suicide. However her family and friends stood up to cheer her, encouraging her to accept what occurred and have fun, which went against what her bullies intended.

Whitney’s sister Alivia was the first to disseminate the story and push the tormented sophomore to speak forward. It’s extremely difficult to see someone sad and unhappy, and one wishes to do everything in one’s power to make sure they’re not that way, Alivia admitted, revealing that witnessing her sister weep all night was excruciating. One has the bravery and the energy to go do it, so go do it and have fun, Alivia advised Whitney.

All she have to do is prove all these kids incorrect, Whitney resolved. She is not the joke everybody thinks she is, she said, and she planned to make the most of this chance to show it. However, staying on the homecoming court was not an easy option, particularly given the teen’s low self-esteem.

Fortunately, when word of the hoax spread, there were plenty of individuals willing to rally behind Whitney and assist her in regaining the courage that the heartless bullies had taken away. Local companies donated her homecoming gown, shoes, and jewellery, and she even received a makeover at a salon.

Whitney became the subject of several local and national stories, and she soon realised that she had much more fans than detractors. Students in her own district came out in favor of her, and Facebook support networks with tens of thousands of likes sprang up, propelling the youngster even farther into the limelight.

Whitney was able to hold her head high with a new feeling of confidence after seeing how many people supported her. It’s incredible to watch her stand up, Bernice Kropp remarked.

The happy mother went on to say that it was “great” to receive emails from individuals from all over the world describing their tales and how Whitney’s benefited and impacted them. Her kid is out there inspiring a large number of individuals which is a very good thing, Bernice added.

Whitney said that the flood of support surprised her.

Whitney was still hesitant to attend homecoming as the night neared, despite her newfound popularity and encouragement. But, rather of staying at home, she went out, and it was well worth it. Whitney had the last laugh, turning the tables on the bullies who intended the adolescent to have a horrible day. Rather, it was a memorable night for all the right purposes.

Whitney’s joy was on display at the homecoming coronation as family, friends, the entire town, and many others applauded her. A Hummer limo ride, banners and messages of encouragement a standing ovation, and even media attention capped off a hectic weekend.

Whitney Kropp gave a crucial message to anybody who has ever been bullied when she was asked where she found the strength to stand up, unafraid, in front of not only her bullies, but the whole globe. “Right here,” she responded, pointing to her heart. Indeed, strength, self-esteem, confidence, and happiness come from inside — and no bully can take it away from one unless one allow them to. Whitney chose not to, and she is happy as a result.

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