Inventive FL Reporter Uses Condom To Cover Her Microphone While In The Thick Of Ian

Kyla Galer is a journalist, covering Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida. While standing in the mid of the Hurricane, she has to guard her reporting equipment as well. Kyla came up with a super-inventive clue and she used a very familiar form of protection to do it – a condom.

She went on air with the condom on full display and netizens were swift to take notice of the reporter’s clever hack. While reporting, Kyla openly said that it is what they think, it is a condom. She further said that it supports to guard the equipment. She said that she gets these mics wet and with no option left, put a condom on the mic.

WATCH: WBBH-TV reporter Kyla Galer confirms she’s protecting her microphone with a condom during Hurricane Ian coverage

Posted by Breaking911 on Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Hurricane Ian is undeniably pummeling Florida and this category 4 hurricane has produced tons of damage and hundreds of demises have been testified. More than 2.5 million persons all over Florida are presently without electricity.  

Though the condom hack is somewhat most of us certainly weren’t aware about, it’s absolutely sensible. Kyla’s colleagues approved it on social media, too. They wrote that they exercise harmless hurricane reporting and a condom is much better to rainproof a mic.

A lot of you are asking and YES I do have a condom on my mic. It is the best way to protect it from the wind and the rain #themoreyouknow 😂😬 #HurricaneIan

Posted by Kyla Galer on Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Several courageous journalists have been hard at work covering the hurricane. It’s surely a tough job, but somebody has to get this done. Let us hope they all stay harmless and so does their equipment’s.

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