Maine Schoolboy, 14, Disappeared Nearly a Week Ago – His Body Has Now Been Found

Theo Ferrara was cherished by his family and friends and was the light of his mother’s life. The 14-year-old attended Freeport High School and resided with his family in Freeport, Maine.

The adolescent was frequently observed spending time with his family and was well-liked. Nothing looked out of place in his life until he didn’t return home one day. His frightened mother quickly notified police that he was missing.

Theo left his house with his blue bag on September 22, 2022, but he never returned. His mother, Mia Kulla Ferrara, notified police and shared the news on Facebook with her friends and relatives. She stated that their son was last seen around 4:30 p.m. on Flying Point Road in Freeport, headed towards Brunswick.

The frightened mother asked her friends and family to call her if they had any information regarding her child. Simultaneously, the Freeport and Brunswick police departments, as well as numerous other municipal authorities, initiated a joint search for Theo.

MISSING – Our son went missing today and was last seen at 4:30pm on Flying Point Road in Freeport heading towards…

Posted by Mia Kulla Ferrara on Thursday, 22 September 2022

Mia had hoped that her kid would be found after the massive search. She praised the officials, volunteers, friends, and family for their help while hoping for his safety. The distraught mother said that they adore Theo and want him to return home safely.

The officials got their major break five days after Theo went missing. A Marine patrol aircraft discovered a body at Bunganuc Point, and authorities hurried to save the unnamed individual.

According to the Freeport Maine Police Department, the corpse was retrieved and brought to the Maine Medical Examiner’s Office, where it was recognized as Ferrara. Mia’s dreams were shattered with the confirmation as she grieved the loss of her son.

The police department praised all local agencies participating in the hunt and urged that people allow the Ferraras privacy to mourn their tragic loss. However, Regional School Unit 5 Superintendent Jean Skorapa stated that he sent this letter with a sorrowful heart to notify everyone that Theo Ferrara was discovered deceased this afternoon.

Following Theo’s untimely death, the entire neighborhood was crushed. While the investigation into his death was underway, Freeport Police Chief Nate Goodman talked to the media and expressed his sadness.

Furthermore, the school system established a support program at Freeport High School for students and teachers who required counseling after learning of Theo’s untimely death. The school system was well aware that such instances might cause anxiety in some children.

Superintendent Skorapa advised parents to let their kids talk about what happened and address their inquiries. He also encouraged them to call the school if their kid required more assistance during this trying time.

The school personnel learned about Theo’s death immediately after the authorities recognized his corpse. As the devastating news spread, a sense of grief pervaded the institution. Adian Morley, 17, stated that it’s just sad. Everybody is sobbing as they walk out of school.

When school district social workers arrived at Freeport High School, the canteen was transformed into a drop-in center with free food and dogs to reduce tension.

The social professionals did their best to communicate with the pupils, comprehend their emotions, and assist them in coping. As per Nancy Rochat, an experienced social worker, the students only felt safe sharing their feelings with their pals.

While counselors and social professionals assisted students and staff members in dealing with the loss, netizens responded to Mia’s Facebook post about her kid with support messages.

Help find our Theo. “Officers … asked again for everyone who lives in the area to check their home surveillance cameras…

Posted by Mia Kulla Ferrara on Monday, 26 September 2022

We send our sincere sympathies to Theo’s family as they cope with the loss. We hope that the authorities quickly determine the reason for his death and that justice is administered if necessary.

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