Investigators Find Foreign Object Shoved Inside Teen Girl Who Was Raped, Tortured, Killed.

After a horrific gang rape, a 15-year-old girl in India died from a ruptured liver and lungs. The girl from the northern Indian state of Haryana went missing after leaving home for school. Four days later, she was discovered dead with 19 major injuries to her body. According to reports, her bruises showed that she had been tortured.

At least four guys are suspected of being involved in the crime, district police head Abhishek Garg said. A major manhunt is underway to apprehend the offenders.

According to medics, the teen’s liver and lungs were ruptured, and an item was jammed within her privates. Her tormented corpse was discovered half-naked by a canal some 60 miles from her home. She was covered in a ripped garment and had injuries on her face, chest, neck, and lips.

According to cops, at least four persons were engaged in the rape and torture of the girl. It was determined that she, too, drowned. The adolescent died two days before her corpse was discovered, according to authorities.

A doctor at the Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, SK Dattarwal, said that the body had many marks of damage, the private parts were messed up, and there were many internal injuries. Indications of sexual assault are obvious, and it seems that at least four persons are involved; a hard and blunt object was placed within her; and signs of drowning were also discovered.

Following the finding of his daughter’s tortured corpse, the girl’s father was naturally upset. He told that she had left for tuition lessons as usual. When he came at 8 p.m. to pick her up, the instructor told her that she had not arrived that day. She wasn’t to be located. They filed a police report at 10 p.m. that night.

In connection with the incident, local cops apprehended two guys, both of whom are neighbors of the victim. The two males later admitted to the crime, stating that they lured the girl to their home before raping and murdering her.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a harsh reminder that we never realize what danger lurks close to home. May this lovely young lady rest in peace, and may her family find the fortitude to go on in the midst of such heartbreak.

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