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Ozzy Osbourne’s Health Declines – His Pillar Is Daughter Who Once Slept Near ICU To Be With ‘Daddy’

Ozzy Osbourne came to Instagram on February 1, 2023, to offer an emotional update on his worsening health and retirement from touring. The rocker said that he was in an accident four years ago in January.

The celebrity stated that he injured his spine at the time and that his main goal since then has been to come back on stage. He disclosed that his singing voice was still fine, but that he had had stem cell treatments, three procedures, and physical rehabilitation.

His most recent therapy, the ground-breaking Cybernetics (HAL), had left his body feeble. Ozzy said that the message was “one of the toughest things” he has ever shared with his followers.

Sharon Osbourne’s husband expressed gratitude to all those who had patiently waited for their tickets. He had, though, discovered that he was “not physically capable” of completing his planned tour dates in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The celebrity said he couldn’t handle the traveling he’d have to do, and the thought of failing his fans saddened him.

He said that his team was brainstorming locations for him to perform without having to travel across multiple cities and nations. The Rock ‘n’ Roll singer expressed gratitude to his family, band, crew, longstanding friends, and fans.

Ozzy’s heartfelt message came after his daughter, Kelly Osbourne, nursed him back to health after his secret 17-year struggle with an illness.

In 2023, it was found out that Ozzy had fallen, which made a neck injury from a quad bike accident 17 years before worse. On his estate, the incident caused nerve damage from the accident that cracked eight ribs and a vertebra in his neck.

The artist had spinal surgery, during which he received 15 screws in his back. He also felt agony in his back, neck, arms, and shoulders, and feared he’d require bolts in his neck.

Kelly claimed in her book “Fierce” about her father’s quad bike accident that she learned about it through her uncle Tony. Kelly, then 21, was concerned about her dad’s condition while driving to visit him at Wexham Park Hospital.

The singer was in critical care and was hooked up to machinery. As she stared at him, the star’s daughter felt powerless, trembling with wobbly knees and wondering whether her dad would die.

Kelly was requested to operate on the rock star when his major artery was pierced, resulting in a blockage of blood circulation in his left arm. The doctor advised them to either get the blood back or amputate.

Ozzy’s daughter begged the doctor to do all he could to rescue her dad. Kelly was standing at her father’s bedside, holding his hand, when he collapsed, and she was carried out of the room before he could be stabilized.

His daughter slept in the hospital while her father had surgery. Kelly gave her dad ice cream when he was able to eat it, which made him happy, and he was now living with a severe illness in addition to his wounds.

Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease that year, in 2003, while Kelly was nursing her dad back to health, yet he kept it a secret until 2020. The actor also attributed his survival to his wife.

In 2022, the rock musician said that he had gotten encouragement from his wife, family, and friends. He expressed his gratitude to God for Sharon, their kids, and others in the music profession.

Ozzy also singled out Kelly and expressed his gratitude to her. On December 3, 2020, she published numerous flashback photos of herself and her dad when she was a child, noting how she’d observed him endure major hurdles on a regular basis.

Kelly said that her dad had become a better dad to her and a better spouse to Sharon as a result of his difficulties. She felt fortunate to have him, and seeing how far he’d come in a year was “crazy.”

Sharon posted an Instagram snapshot of herself appearing distraught with her hand over her mouth on February 1, 2023. To demonstrate how much Ozzy was adored, the television host said that it was evident who she was seeing at the moment and admitted that she was “still amazed” by her spouse.

The Black Sabbath guitarist never quit because he had so much backing. Ozzy, aged 74, was observed looking feeble as he leaned on a pal on his way to a fitness class in January 2023.

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Ozzy Osbourne announces retirement from touring due to declining health.

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